geekbeatradio & Boston8Bit present: Let's Go!
Music: PANDAstar, Diamond Machine, Corset Lore
Visuals: Neon Death Cat, Thresher, foci + loci
November 22, 8pm EST


Diamond Machine
Corset Lore 
with Neon Death Cat, Thresher, & foci + loci

live on @ 8pm EST

50% of donations go to artists, and 50% is going to be donated to AbleGamers!


21+, FREE, DOORS @ 8:00 PM 
Concert Flier, with television static background and names of musicians and visualists who are performing.

Boston8Bit’s mission is to educate, foster, and support the Greater Boston chip music and art community by organizing events at safe spaces and promoting the art of our community members. We love the sounds that “obsolete” video game sound chips are capable of producing and hope to spread this appreciation within and beyond our lovely city of Boston, Massachusetts.


*in progress*

We’re working on writing up an official code of conduct because we want everyone to be able to expect to be safe at our shows and events. In short, we will not tolerate harassment, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or bullying. We want everyone to be safe and feel safe, and to please tell us if someone is making you not feel that way so we can address it. If you are acting in a way that harms someone else – expect to be called on it, kicked out, and possibly banned from future events.


Good question! We’re not too particular about the definition. Chiptune (or chip music) can be defined as music that is made using soundchips from old video games or computers, or sounds like it. It’s a medium, a genre, an instrument, and a lot of fun. 

The best way to get involved is to come to a show! We’re friendly, and love to dance and talk about chip music!


Here are some of the most active chiptune musicians in the Greater Boston area. This is not a comprehensive list! We’re just getting started.


Triheart is a group comprised of chiptune artists Astro Logic (Kristopher Uzzell), Bifflecup (David Jubinsky), and Diamond Machine (Danny Pryor), which blends chiptune, strings and catchy lyrics into fun songs that anyone can enjoy.

Sam Mulligan

Sam Mulligan plays rock songs with silly lyrics, distorted guitars, and gameboys. One of his goals whenever he plays a show is to make you smile, but hey, it’s your face and you should do what you want with it. If you like They Might Be Giants, Atom & His Package, and weezer, this might be right up your alley. He also helps organize events and manages the website.

The Apsychalypse

A lone, one-man wizard of an electronic composer providing an all-new viewpoint on musical greatness unlike anything one’s ever experienced and/or witnessed.


Since 2015, Boston bitpunks (T-T)b have been cranking out fleeting alt-rock nuggets infused with sugary chiptune melodies. Feeling bad never sounded so loud. Coming soon to a basement near you.

MC Facepalm

MC Facepalm blends Chiptune, 90s pop culture and old school rap into one package. He’s also really good at Super Dodgeball for the NES.

The Unicorn Princess

The Unicorn Princess creates lo-fi music by combining drum machines and vintage synthesizers with loop machines, guitar, flute.

Diamond Machine

I make music with a game boy and LSDJ. I try to capture moments in my life and turn them into a song. I hope you enjoy them!


DonutShoes is a multiplatform, multigenre, and multi-instrumentalist chiptune artist. DonutShoes has been a featured performer at events like PAX East and MAGFest, and has played shows in NYC, Providence, Boston, and Paris.

Orlando Boom

Producer/DJ Orlando Boom rides the waves of glittery energetic synth music heavily inspired by video games and bass music – taking you for a fast paced psychedelic joyride into digital neon sunsets. Juicy soundscapes and addicting ear candy will quench your thirst for explosively lush electronic music.

Radio Skotvoid

Radio Skotvoid is holding down the fort on the North Shore, making music using an OP-1, Ableton, and other awesome things. Skot also runs Rhythmus Records, a Boston based record label focusing on the lo-fi chip goodness, and RSVP Tapes ~ a cassette tape label focusing on home-recording styles, experimentation and aesthetic.

A Campbell Payne

A. Campbell Payne composes abstract, polymetric dance and ambient music using synthesizers and consumer electronics and lives in Boston, MA.


BOSTON8BIT does more than just chiptune and retro inspired music. Here are some of our super talented friends who are creating awesome visuals, radio, and apparel!

Kira City


I’m Kira and I really like food, books and nature so you’ll see a lot of that in my visual work. I’m interested in a lot of social issues in our society, a common thread throughout my visuals. Always aiming for the eyegasm, I tend to focus on bright and colorful images. I’ve been a visualist for 4 years now, and have performed on MAGfest’s Main Stage and several times at MAGfest Chipspace and PAX East Jamspace.



Thresher comes to the screen with a long list of knowledge, technical skills and a lengthy track record. Along with his two degrees in video production, Thresher has produced and co-produced several feature films and is currently a longstanding member in Boston’s stagehand and film unions. He recently became Certified as a Barco Projectionist.

Since his first performances at MAGFest’s Chipspace in 2016 Thresher has performed on Magfest Main stage as well at PaxEast Main stage, Pax East Jamspace, Northeast ComicCon, and smaller parties.

Rob Carballo

Geekbeat Radio

Rob Carballo founded geekbeatradio, the 2 hour show, in 2010 with several like minded geeks and nerds. Since then geekbeatradio has grown to a 24 hour radio stream playing many genres of nerd music. As a professional IATSE Stagehand for 20+ years Rob has continued to develop his skills allowing him to put on and support larger events. He runs and books Chipspace at MAGfest, Jamspace at PAX East and recently he was named MAGfest mainstage booking department head.

Faerie Fire Design


Creating custom printed apparel & promos;
Celebrating games, pride, & druidry.

All BOSTON8BIT shirts, stickers, pins, bracelets, and pretty much anything else were made by Faerie Fire Design. That’s why they are so awesome.



Interested in volunteering? Performing? Performer suggestions/references? Requests? Please contact us!