Artist Spotlight: Crunk Witch

This edition of Artist Spotlight covers an act that Boston 8bit was introduced to this past Sunday: Crunk Witch.

From the Pop Corn Capital of the world*, Crunk Witxh Fuses equal parts chiptune, electro pop and dub step breakdowns, Crunk Witch provide the soundtrack to every single party you’ll ever go to. They were also kind enough to share some touring tips for anyone who is planning on going on tour (go to Barns and Noble every chance you get and read a chapter of a book. By the end of the tour you’ll have read at least 2-3 books without buying them was a good one).

Check them out on Bandcamp and grab there newest CD and make sure to check them out on tour!

*Maine May or May not be the Pop Corn Capital of the world, I’m not sure.

Show alert! This Sunday Sunset Hang in Salem!

This Sunday will be the annual Sunset Hang at the Salem willows! Representing Boston 8bit will be none other then robotsexmusic. There are also many electronic acts as well as DJs that will be performing all day. Also make sure to bring your quarters so you can get your game on at the Willows Arcade (between acts of course).

For a complete list of acts please check out the Facebook invite. We hope to see you there!

Artist Highlight: Invisible Robot Hands

From time to time we’ll highlight a chiptune artist that deserves to be herd by the masses. In this first installment we’ll be talking about Invisible Robot Hands from Road Island.

You may have seen him playing the halls of Pax East for the past few years. Invisible Robot Hands is the epitome of DIY chiptunes. Founder of 8bit Northeast, Invisible Robot Hands (real name James Winter) creates hard edged chaotic chiptune. If you have the opportunity to check him out live, it is highly recommended. If not, you have to check him out on bandcamp*

WARNING: The majority of people witnessing/listen to Invisible Robot Hands have had there faces melted off. If you have a history of face meltage it is highly recommended that you check him out anyways. Who the hell needs a face anyways?


2014 has been a productive year for all of us at Boston 8bit. We started off strong at Pax East and went on to do many awesome things such as playing the Pop Culture Expo,  releasing new music and playing shows with such greats as Megaran, D&D Sluggers, Skyblew and Crunk Witch (more on that later).  Our friendship with the awesome people at Geekbeatradio has gotten even better and we all have a common goal: To make Boston 8bit not only as awesome as possible, but as accessible as well.

The Current line up of Boston 8bit includes, but is not limited to:

Robotsexmusic – Bandcamp Twitter

Sam Mulligan – Bandcamp Twitter Website

Diamond Machine – Bandcamp Twitter

MC facepalm – Bandcamp Twitter Website

Bifflecup – Bandcamp

Glenntai – Bandcamp

We’re not limited to just music, we also have different media outlits such as Geekbeatradio, Nerd Rock Radio (ran by Sam Mulligan) and Clip Stream (Glenntai plays a major part). We will also be adding live set recordings to our Boston 8bt Live bandcamp for your enjoyment.

We also have a show Sunday August 17th at Comicazi in Somerville! Comicazi is easily accessible via the MBTA Red Line to Davis Square. Here is the flyer for the show!



Click here for the Facebook invite and tell your friends, family and even your Mom! The show is all ages and family friendly so lets come out and support the scene!

That is it for now! Thanks for checking out the update, and make sure to check back because we’ll have a LOT more for you in the coming weeks!



Aaaand we’re back.


Unicorn casts ‘AWESUM1′.

Finally, the site is back up and running – we’re busy preparing part 1 Friday and part 2 Saturday of our wild chiptune party (and the Chipstage!) and all the info to communicate with you awesome fun people during the expo. Bear with us, get connected with our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive updates when they are released over the next couple of days, and GET READY TO PARTY!

-B8B <3